You Are The Next Big Thing The World Will Want See, Prepare For It

You Are The Next Big Thing The World Will Want See, Prepare For It

For all you know, if you will be a little bit wiser and take risk and dare more, you will employ your employer one day


No one knows the future. We can only determine it by our share goals and visions.And hoping that these visions and goals will materialised. Most great leaders and great achievers will tell you that they never knew they will achieve so much and become something big. They just kept trying until they got there. They kept practicing until they got there. They continued being unique in their dealings until they got there. They continued moving when all odds were against them. They knew they had to dare. They knew by being big they had develop one single mindedness of achieving that goal. They knew they had to tell themselves that they will never entertain the idea of plan ‘B’.They knew they had to achieve or they die in the process. They were aggressive in their want for a better life. They left nothing to chance.These are what Bill Gate,Warren Buffet and all the great men of our time and those gone before us represents.


They took every opportunity along the way. They made rivers out of  deserts. They achieved their goals with great tenacity,braveness and courage. They had to take a whole continent into ransom to achieve their goals. Life is like the desert, even when you have everything to your advantage nature wants to wrestle with you. Your aim is to defeat the forces within you which tend to destruct and detract you from achieving your goals.You must bring this “yourself” to the submission of your will so you can be able to achieve all what you have set out to achieve because our greatest enemy is ourselves. All our failures comes from within us. We might be afraid of giving ourselves the chance to try new things and dare  just because of fear of the unknown. The pioneers had no Idea the kind of potentials they had until they tried it. We have a lot of billionaires and millionaires in the making but the problems is that they’re scared to venture out to the wild and prove what they’ve got.


The world is for risk takers and the daring. If you are not ready to dare and to bring yourself out of the woods to show to the world what you are made up of, you will die and just be like the others who had passed through this earth without anyone knowing them. You will be like the “UNKNOWN SOLDIER” whom no one knew of his heroic deeds. You are the next big thing the world will ever see. Stop copying people and be natural. Those who imitate others or who want to be like the celebrities of their choices and so want to sing and behave like Michael Jackson, Celine Deon or someone they admire.The world is tired of these old stuffs.They don’t want any recycled styles from some old legend any more.They want to see something new,a new style. They want to see your uniqueness in going about executing what you’ve got. If you know what you are capable of doing, you will never sit down one bit in doing nothing or just working for someone to just dictate to you anyhow.


If you know what you are capable of doing, you will never allow laziness to take part of you. If you know what you can do, you will never sit down  and wait for a pay check every month. For all you know, if you will be a little bit wiser and take risk and dare more, you will employ your employer one day. Just take the risk and work on yourself a little bit more. You have that potential in making it big but how will you know when you don’t try. If it is music you want to go in, go in and just dare. It can be a book you want to write just write it. Do you know why the Jewish are doing so well and so many big things, the reason being that the moment they get the idea of setting up a company they just jump in to it without thinking of the implications of their decisions. They believe that even if the fail, they will learn something. That should be your mentality. You should not wait to till the time is right, just jump to it and start moving because the time is not going to be right.

If you have not tried, how do you know how strong you can be. Remember, all our destiny is intertwined with yours. We need your potential to be what we want to be. Could you imagine if the Wright Brothers decided not do anything but to go somewhere and not to dare about the potentials they had. Look the amount of jobs this aviation industry has created over the decades. Last year alone, research was shown that, 1 billion people travelled by air. How possible will that be if the Wright Brothers did not dare? This same air industry has made millions of people rich and some countries more powerful militarily. Don’t stay there and rot. Just stand-up, go and look into the mirror and tell yourself, “I don’t deserve where I am now ,and that nations are waiting for my inventions like that of the Wright Brothers and many others gone before me .“ Just say this, ten times, and then go out there and dare.


When we were all coming to this earth no one gave us a manual as to what we are here for. We just came here to meet nothing. But we have to make do the potentials we brought and so we have to grope throughout this world like a blind man trying to find his way. It looks as if we have to decipher our way through the earth to find things that suit us. And then hope that we will become all what we’ve hoped for. And so when we think of becoming someone prominent, and out achieving it, it becomes a little bit frightening. What I’m here to tell you is that you’re the next big thing to happen your family, to your nation and the world. You must be prepared to put yourself to the test and put more pressure to your own self, into bringing out that which   is in you. If you know what you are capable achieving, you will start being careful of the way you live your life. Take risk.

“If you are not dead yet, you probably do not know what nature has in store for you”, a Ghanaian proverb.


You must develop a sense of mission.

You must start thinking of yourself that you here for a purpose and that you must find that purpose no matter what. You must always place this in your mind that you are not living this earth with nothing but a legacy that will benefit generations unborn. Let all your endeavours be this mentality that you are born for a mission, and then go and search for that mission.During 18th century many left their countries and homes in Europe in search for their mission.Some believed they will find it in Australia  and so they went.Some trusted  that they will find it India and so they went.Some believed they will find it in the Americas and so they went to that direction.The principle has still not changed since then.So don’t sit at one place.If you think you can find your mission or purpose  in space be prepared to go there.


Your inability to develop your own sense of mission will make you take certain unnecessary decisions that will make you lose hope into the course of your journey. You will have   to try so many things on they way and until you  get there .The Wright Brothers never had it easy but hey kept on trying until they got what they got.

If we  have a preview of  what we will become, we will have no need in trying.We will go straight and start doing things.But since we  have no such fore- knowledge of what we will become, we will have to keep trying until we get there. Don’t forget that you are the next big thing to happen to the world,become.


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